This fabric is made with combination of antistatic additives like stearate type and the tertiary amine dissipates all the static charges. It gives synergistic & long time effect. Antistatic spunbonded nonwoven fabrics are provided. The fabrics of the invention include a plurality of substantially continuous electrically nonconductive filaments formed of a thermoplastic polymer, a plurality of electrically conductive filaments distributed among the electrically nonconductive filaments throughout the fabric, and a multiplicity of discrete bond sites bonding together the electrically nonconductive and the electrically conductive filaments to form a coherent fabric.

Higher heat stability allows the use of this product at higher temperatures with reduced cycle times. Fabric can be used for protection of Electrostatic Sensitive devices, computer Covers, floppy covers, electronic component covers, General food processing Medical & Cleaning room environment applications. Our GSM range is from 10 to 150 and maximum width of 1.6m and 2.4m.