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Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD Control barrier to protect buildings, walls, paths, access roads, drainage pipes and underground cables from root damage.

Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD are used to protect buildings, walls, paths, drainage pipes, cables and lawns from potential damage caused by root development. Structures with shallow foundations can be undermined. Damaged pipes, or pipes with faulty joints can become blocked by roots. Root growth is also known to cause desiccation of soils to the extent that soil shrinkage can result in parts of the foundation no longer being supported. When this occurs structures may subside and crack, and in these circumstances expensive underpinning may be the only solution. The choice of Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD product depend on the application, specifically whether water needs to pass through the product. In some cases it is necessary to have a water-permeable solution e.g. surrounding land drains, Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD provide excellent solution for it. Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD is a geotextile manufactured from Polyster fibres. It provides excellent resistance to root development. Suntech GEOTEXTILE ROOT SHIELD has high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and is capable of withstanding the differential forces that can develop in clay soils.

Property Size (m) Weight CBR Puncture Resistance Tensile Stength Material
SUNTECH ROOTSHIELD 4.5 X 100 400GSM 2200N 16kN /m Non-Woven PE
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