Suntech Geotextiles


Suntech GEOTEXTILE BUILDSTRONG Geotextiles are durable and provides basic features of Seperation, Filteration and Protection.

Suntech GEOTEXTILE BUILDSTRONG Geotextiles are ideal for :

  • Protection of impermeable membranes land fill areas, side walls and caps, reservoirs, balancing ponds, artificial lakes etc.
  • To prevent soil erosion from beneath rock sheathing and pre-cast concrete revetments, sea shores, rivers and water channels, lakes and reservoirs etc.

Suntech GEOTEXTILE Buildstrong Geotextiles Application areas include:

  • Landfill engineering
  • Coastal and WaterwaysHighways
  • Pipeline and utility protection
  • Landscape development
Property Size (m) Weight CBR Puncture Resistance Tensile Stength Material
SUNTECH BUILDSTRONG 4.5 X 100 400GSM 2200N 16kN /m Non-Woven PE


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